Wazzap?! Today we have Round 1 of the Third Offical Wiki Rap Tournament.

This battle features myself (Trent) vs TKandMit (Tim). Shall we begin?






Tim (TKandMit)Edit

Hello, Trent, you think you can beat me at long last? Too bad, Mit will kick Tkid ass

As he spits dis raps against you, you and your friends, win at this and kill Spindash.

Let me get this straight for you, TK means for me andMit, not T, a Tiny Kid,

Thanks for (respect)-ing me, but I'm not the other TK, I'm The King of this!

You were so happy when you knew we were rapping, you wrote a verse with a smile,

While on the other hand, it's like I'm fightin' against a nerdy kid, you are what you are, a child;

It's almost as if Babe Ruth is playing little league. While, on the other OTHER hand, that's all you'll ever use,

You misuse opportune, let you win for a ruse, win you for real like child user abuse!

I thought it was easy beating Ezio, but it's easiest when Tkid's gettin' beatin',

I'll kill you and kill you again, I killed the first one hundered and fifteen again!

You truly to perform a plethora of a rap horror before yours truly, the Tkwarrior?

You failed, and I bitch-slapped that shweet face! You want more, Fedora the Explorer?

Trent (Tkid115)Edit

Awwww shit! Where’s the Mit? Still with his grandpa, I suppose!

Sittin’ alone, no friends, both his parents being assholes!

You say you’re a TKWarrior? Well, frankly: I don’t care!

Your verse just DRAGGED out even longer than your hair!

I’ve been waiting for this moment! To see how hard I’ll be winnin’!

I’ll bury you underground, Tim! No, not just the basement that you live in!

You Eminem wannabe! You’re Shady but sure aren’t slim!

While you’re blazin’ it, I’m amazin’! To me, you’re so tiny, Tim!

Your verse just guaranteed my win! This wont be no Niko vs Ezio!

Who gives a shit if you’re The King! While I deliver a TK-O!

I want you to come over here so I have something to hit!

I’ll re-bitchslap YOUR face, TKandSHIT!


Voting is Closed

Here we have an all-out fight between two TKs-

but there can be only one winner. Ultimately, with the votes of 27-8,

Tkid115 moves onto the Second Round!

Kudos to both of you for an awesome battle!