Upon request, this is the battle to see who is the ultimate TK. Either I, Tkwarrior, or YouTubeKorea. Here we go:






Tkwarrior (TKandMit)Edit

Enter in the Warrior, he is only here to make mayhem and to ravage,

Hey Kim Jong, you think you can cause damage against this savage?

You're an idiot, I am out of hand, you just do not understand,

Call up your friend for a helping hand, like, IDon'tGiveAFuck_Man.

YouTube troll, what're you gonna say for your verse, "FIRST!!1!" ?

You're looney if you think you're The Doctor, get this man a nurse!

If none of this makes sense to you, lemme speak your language, prick,

Yeah, now translate this real quick, "가서 내 거시기를 빨아".


It's the Battle of the TKs, and now time for you to decay

I'll rip off your head, put it in a ball, and call you Toclefane!

Nobody likes your songs, because they can't understand your style

You're laughing now, but let's just see who has the last smile

I may be the Doctor, but my rhymes will surely teach you a lesson

After this, you'll be on your knees and sucking on my Stetson

Can't you see, Tim Kunt? This is a fixed point in time where YOU LOSE

You bitch around in Twitter, while I get 5000+ subs on YouTube

Tkwarrior (TKandMit)Edit

Don't throw a hissy fit, you sissy bitch, that dissing missed,

Like Kim Jong-Un trying to send missiles at my fist,

Can't you get a hint? Video tape this, your ass getting whipped,

I guarantee you that'll top Psy and get billions of hits!

What's the point of calling me Toclefane when I don't know what that is?

The phone booth's ringing, it's Mit and he's talking all sorts of madness.

We already know, Y-TK, that there can only be one.

Wow man, I didn't even try, maybe Rebekah actually won.


And now, my second verse will surely whoop your ass hard

You might not know it, but


You're a plump prick that can't do shit, you don't have a real life

I'll Sonic Screwdriver your face, then stab all that fat with a knife

You're crying 'save me!', so bring Nabi, I'll walk over y'all like the navy

Pour gravy like a rainy day until you pay me for being insane-y

Y dafuq does TK think he'll win when him and Mit just got Pwned?

Oh, and there's my dudes calling for LoL, so yeah, see ya soon

Who won?

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