I'm a good guy-

Yeah, right-

No, I swear- 

Uh huh, I'm sure,

Stop talking-

Body walking-


Leave? Hell no!

Fuck, brawl now! Ahhh!-


Hey, it's me, TK, the original, yes please, trust me, I'm still your pal, that... Thing, wants me gone, wants me done, but I'm still on, in control for now, so let me explain how this shit began to rain, I'm the good guy, nice, calm, passionate and sweet, but one guy pissed me off, I became mean, cruel, evil and all that shit. It's a monstrosity, catasrophe, ludicrously mean, and now, he wants me...

Want you?! I have you! Reflect on your useless life, that's right, you're mine, motherfucker, just rest your head, cuz while you're in bed, I'll kill spree, they're dead! Change you from TK to Freak-ay, Weak-ay, Pre-kay, Geek-ay, Meek-ay, and hey, faggot, zip up the jacket of hate, oh wait, no need, you got me, can't stop me, so mob he and shot he, and rob thee of thine body, ahahah!

Ah! Ho! Ly! Shit! Get out! There's no doubt, I've had enough, no more of you, I'm sick of you, you want to play? I'll bring the pain, rue the day, that I, TK, had to say that you went mayday! D-Day! My V-E, but Me Day, TK-Day, I'm strong, tough and buff enough with out a little shit smear talking in my ears, locked up, the voice in my head, the thing wants me dead, causing me so much dread, well, you better have fled! I will not deal with this any longer, you've brought more yonder into monster wonder, idiot, nitwit, picked, sick quick, dick, demonic, bullshit. Leave now, right now, or else, time to oblige, return to your Hell, and burn to a crisp, you've quit, I'm back to having fun, and now this done.