"Hahaha! Igor! Is it ready?!"

(Y-yes, mister...)

"Let's go!*lightning bolt*


One day I was plain, then another day I became a pain and crashed and burned. Some days they call me insane, that I need a fixed brain or that I'm sick- hey, of course I'm sick, I'm cold hearted and my nose and mouth are both running off, talking about motherfuckers that should fuck off, oh but I'm fine than China plate; that's why my name is backwards, that's why I am a bastard, that's why I exclaim bad words! I'm creative, innovative, brave to say simple shit. Prickly little shit-full bullies used to pick on me all the time, til this one kid Connolly finally started throwing pencils at me, I honestly did not mind, I just broke them, when in the hallway he ran into me and hit me over the head with his case, and then we started brawling and I fucking socked him and he locked me in the locker, when I broke out, I took out a book and kicked him over with one foot and over I stood, shit was quite the hoot. Next week, he knew not to mess with me, that was smart of him, but for me to retaliate, I was an evil genius!

So, I was a quiet kid in school, and they are right because it is the quiet ones you'd never expect to come out and attack. I just drew pictures at school, and as I grew and began to know the truth, every day I used to come home black and blue, that's when I knew, "fuck this place", I'm tired of having my face paved over so now when I came back, you all try to save face, stick it in a safe! But wait, if there's a saving of face, I'll eat face, like some cannibal, Hannibal, capable - of anything you put in front of me. But fuck it, only way I'll go is if I self destruct, so-*boom*

Hook x2

I'm the evil genius, take me now if you don't want to see this. What nightmare can there be to dream this? Do you believe in Mit, oh you can't see it yet?! Haha!

'Bridge' 1 - The Six Million Dollar Man clip

"We can rebuild him. We have the technology. We can make him better than he was. Better...stronger...faster."


Like Schwarzenegger said, "I'LL BE BACK", well now I'm back and ready to attack in some kinda acrobatic stunt, but like the James Bond theme song I'll just jump the gun, and throw these chumps over starboard and attract the sharks. I play darts with tranquilizer bullets, you need more than a body guard to keep this trigger from pullin'. "Holy shit, who is Mit? Shit, is that Tim? The guy we made fun of 'cause we thought he had a mullet?" Yeah and you guys are full of it, never thought karma'd be a dick, huh? Butt fuck it, you guys can go suck it, now where are you big talking motherfuckers when I start talking like Chucky, working at Wal-Mart? "But where's the heart at, TK?" It's on the lab table, I can dissect with just a pair of kiddy scissors, plastic blades can still bisect. "Okay, TK, you've had your fun now, but these things, you can't say on TV." Then fuck it! I'll sell my singles off eBay! Who says this anyway? Ain't this a free country, can't I be me, in my own way? Or am I just dodging critics like that duck game on the freeway, just trying to reach the other side? All I can do is run and rhyme, do or die, I can't even hide. If something kills me and I die, I'll come back and become a ghost righter, then even if I shoot myself it'd still be doctor assissted homicide, because I'm-

Hook x2

The evil genius, take me now if you don't want to see this. What nightmare can there be to dream this? Do you believe in Mit, oh you can't see it yet?! Haha!

Bridge 2 - Frankenstein clip

"It's alive! It's aliiiive!!!"


I started off saying Do You, then started saying I was a Monstrosity, and that I was Mental, wasn't he Evil? Yeah, and apparently I started to scare the people, "you're rhymes are explicit!" Explicit doesn't even mean illegal! Shit, can't a motherfucker just sing about fucking anything and whatever they want? Oh so rap's the music of Satan? Wasn't that the same case in Rock 'n' Roll a couple years ago? Osbourne's no longer the psycho, no, of course it's TK getting the TKO now! For what, though? 'Cause music now is so obso-elite, good at being bad? I see - like Antarctica, coldest heart in America (right here!), Mit's more than me, it's part of ya society now, so go ahead and tell me you aren't ready for another verse Kelly-ing. Just think for a minute; I shower in blood baths, so do the math, before you come out and attack and allow me to subtract ya from rap, you can feel my Wrath all the way from the Grape-vine, so go mind your business and don't fuckin' wine! Just Do Your own thing and let me Commit my Crimes!

Can't Call Me anymore, my service has been cut for the worst words, these curses in my verses, that the NSA had to nurse 'em and oust 'em, you think that'd stop me from hurtin' a person? Little whores are running around today just twerkin' and Wrecking their carrers, shit used to be fun, it was Ball! Now everything's dumb, don't text me fuckin' "LOL". I thought I was short, but compared to you guys I'm standing over, I'm fuckin' tall! You pigs are stick-lers, saying "Hay, TK", just go ahead and try to blow me, I'm a brick wall! I'm like glue, these rhymes just like to stick to and aggravate you, even when I sound horse I'm still paste-ing past you. I'm not a step ahead, I'm a mile long staircase in front my own shoes you're in! I have a vault in my head that store in rhymes, so cold they're frozen, they're stacked from the ceiling to the floorin', right next to an orange. Can't understand what I'm saying, what am I-foreign? Shit, I'm so fly that I'm fuckin' soarin'! Am I too loud when I make a sound, am I fucking roarin'?! I'll bash your four inch screw door hinge in; I'm just a rappin' Mormon, tryin' to spread his message, "that if you mess with - him, there's a lesson," so sit down students and listen;

Hook x2

I'm the evil genius, take me now if you don't want to see this. What nightmare can there be to dream this? Do you believe in Mit, oh you can't see it yet?!


  • TV static*
  • Old video projector turning off, video tape rolling*